Beauty Tips

Beauty tips and tricks to get the best hair and skin for the big day!

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Kayli B

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I booked The Pretty Committee for my wedding and they went above and beyond!! We finished on schedule even though we had a large group of people to get through, and all of the stylists were very professional.

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How To Get Flawless Skin Before Your Wedding Day

We know that great makeup starts with great skin! That’s why we are sharing our top hair and makeup beauty tips for your big day! To get the smoothest skin and makeup before your upcoming photoshoot follow these beauty tips and tricks!

Beauty Tip #1 Wash, Exfoliate, Tone, & Moisturize Your Skin Daily
Gently exfoliate, tone & moisturize daily!

There are two types of exfoliation, chemical and physical. If use a physical exfoliation (scrubs, washcloths, or any tool) the key to to be gentle. This is one of those “let the saw do the work” moments. The only thing more pressure will do is damage your lovely skin. Toning helps tighten pores and helps your serums and moisturizers do their work by getting deeper into your skin. Moisturize to give your skin the stuff it needs to heal itself.

Beauty Tip #2 Drink Your Water
Drink your water!

Especially first thing in the morning and right before bed. Stay hydrated to boost your skin health & elasticity. Staying hydrated will help with your natural skin cell turnover, clearing imperfections and giving a smooth glow from within.

Beauty Tip #2 Use Silky Sheets
Silky sheets!

Sleep with a silk pillowcase for the healthiest hair and skin. This helps prevent friction, tangling, and breakage for your hair. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and helps your skin retain hydration.

Beauty Tip #4 Don't Pop That Pimple!
Don’t pop that pimple!

Chill the blemish with the corner or edge of an ice cube, do this until it hurts a little (about 10 second intervals) for 2-4 minutes to reduce swelling. This should be enough to make it flush with the skin so that makeup will cover it, no problem!

Beauty Tip #5 Cool Off Your Skincare
Cool off your skincare!

Chill your eye cream and face masques in the fridge for max effectiveness. This will help enormously with puffiness, especially for eye creams. Any moisturizers or face masks that are more gel-based will work even more effectively when chilled!

Beauty Tip #6 Sweat It Out!
Sweat it out!

Light routine exercise (that you enjoy!) can make your body release endorphins which will lead to better skin and a clearer mind. Now, don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t love here. Take a walk, go for a swim, ride a bike, do anything you like! Exercise should be a time of empowerment, fun and play!.

Beauty Tip #7 Derma-Plane or Shave Your Face
Derma-plane (or shave) your face.

This will both light exfoliate and remove even the slightest baby whispers of fuzz, revealing super smooth skin. Derma-planing and shaving is a type of exfoliation so if you plan to do this you can skip your regular exfoliation so that you don’t overdo it and damage your skin. This will also create a smooth base for your makeup to look absolutely statuesque!

Beauty Tip #8 Shampoo Your Makeup Brushes
Shampoo your makeup brushes!

Clean the build up out of your brushes at least twice a week. If you’re breaking out, dirty brushes may be the culprit! Just think of all the old makeup and oil from your face that might be in there. Plus, soft and clean brushes will apply makeup so much more smoothly than ones with makeup build up. Brush shampoo, dawn dish soap, or regular shampoo! Anything that will help to break down oil.

Beauty Tip #9 Take a Spa Day!
Spa Day!

One week before your shoot give yourself a nice long bath with epsom salts and a facial masque. Facial masques are good for the skin but can bring things to the surface so give your skin about a week to purge toxins and clear itself. Epsom salts will help soften & moisturize the skin and clear up any dry patches like on your elbows. Check our preferred vendors list for some soothing self-care ideas.

How To Get Your Style to Hold: Pre-Styling Hair Care

How to make your bridal hairstyle look it’s best and last from “I do!” until the last dance!

Not Wet!

If you’re having your hair styled, make sure it is NOT wet when you arrive. Dry hair is best and will save you time on the wedding morning!

Dirty but not Greasy!

You may have heard that dirty hair is good for holding styles… but NOT greasy! We don’t want your hair to be weighed down. If you tend to have oily hair or scalp, best to come with clean & dry hair. If you’re not sure what your hair type is, clean hair is the safe bet.

Dry Shampoo works wonders!

Feel free to use dry shampoo at your roots before the shoot, it can give you great volume and help your styling hold it’s shape even longer! Otherwise we can use it too!

Schedule a trim!

Trims can make your hair look fuller and healthier. We recommend getting a trim the week before your shoot.

Use a hair oil!

Using a hair oil on the ends of your hair will nourish and hydrate your hair where it needs it the most. This will help your hair look fuller and healthier. Use this leading up to your photoshoot but skip it on the day of, so your hair doesn’t get weighed down.

And Remember!

If you’re trying new products of any kind, make sure to do a swatch test to see how your hair or skin reacts before committing to putting it everywhere.